Our stance

1. Our stance
We are the only building inspection company in Japan that has no economic dependency on the construction industry.
Our clients are individuals and companies that are thinking about constructing a building or individuals and companies that are troubled by defects of a building. No construction companies or architect offices request us to do work, and we do not accept any requests from them. If anything happens which is related to the construction industry, our representative director Iwayama make comments on the mass media. We can do it because we have no economic dependency on the construction industry.

2. The Actual Situation of Inspection by the Government Agency
Building inspection in Japan has virtually lost its substance and is quite nominal. The most extreme case is the “Intermediate Inspection” and the “Completion Inspection” conducted by the government agency.
These inspections are not done at the right timings for checking the important functions and quality of a building. They are done at the procedural timings and only when the agency is asked by the construction company to visit the site. That means the inspection schedule is determined according to the convenience of the construction company. Furthermore, inspection is done twice before completion and each takes about 30 minutes however big the building is.
That means that these inspections lack substance and are actually meaningless.

3. Our Inspection
An inspection we conduct starts with checking the design drawing. We check to see if functions and quality suitable enough for a high-grade residence have been secured by the design drawing, if functions necessary for a building in Hokkaido will be maintained, etc. If an issue is confirmed in the design drawing, we will suggest corrective measures.
And on the site, inspection is conducted about the functions and quality that the building should possess, focusing on each individual theme, and if a problematic construction situation is confirmed, instructions for its correction are issued, and observation is continued until its correction is confirmed.
Functions and quality that a building should have refer to the presence or absence of a conflict with the construction common sense or the Building Standards Act in addition to what is specified by the contract, in other words, what is shown on the design drawing.
If classified roughly, they are:
1. Structure (framework, reinforcing bars in the floor, wall installation, etc.)
2. Fire resistance (thickness of refractory coating)
3. Water proof (Roof, Around windows)
4. Insulation (in living space, corridors, parts that contact the outside air)
5. Deficits (Prohibition of making holes afterwards, etc.)

Thorough inspection is conducted about these themes at the timing when each of them is done.
On the other hand, we also work on the contract problem.
There is a bad custom of the Japanese construction industry called “Additional Work.”
During the construction process, the construction company may propose a change in the construction plan or the expenses in the name of a VE (value engineering) plan.
This is a customary act unique to the construction industry that tries to obtain recovered profits by changing to a cheaper construction plan than previously estimated.
We think that our company should try to prevent this act.

4. About our inspection staff
Our inspection staff on the site includes multiple qualified architects of the first class, which is the highest qualification in Japan. Since this condominium is large in scale, inspection will be conducted in as short a time as possible so as not to influence the construction process. For this purpose, we will send necessary staff people to conduct an inspection. In an inspection on the side, we will inform the foremen of a problem found immediately and get a reply as to its corrective measure. Our company will confirm its correction independently.