What is DD (due diligence)? . .
Translated into Japanese, “acquisition examination”.
When conducting an M & A, it is necessary to determine the purchase price after conducting detailed research on the target company and the target business.

In particular, if assets are present in the target company or business, whether the valuation is properly assessed can also affect post-M & A performance.

Japan Inspectors Co., Ltd.
Based on past building inspection and defective housing defect inspection results and know-how
We conduct surveys and inspections necessary to judge whether the evaluation of buildings owned by M & A target companies and target businesses is appropriate.
For example, if there is a hidden flaw, the asset is overvalued.

Investigating and examining issues that are often overlooked in an acquisition appraisal will lead to a fair asset value assessment and, in turn, a legitimate acquisition price.
Please consider DD inspection of Japan Inspectors Corporation.

DD (due diligence) is classified into legal, financial, business, human resources, environmental, etc., and each is subject to expert research.
For buildings, in general, the survey is limited to real estate appraisal based on real estate appraisal, which assesses the status of the building, and legal investigation, which assesses the relationship of rights.
However, if there is a hidden defect in the building, the appraisal result itself, which is the basic data, will change.

It is expected that M & A needs for Japanese companies and businesses will increase in the future.
Japan Inspectors Corporation, which is well-versed in defect inspection of Japanese buildings, will conduct inspections related to the legitimate evaluation and calculation of buildings owned by your company and target business.

DD (due diligence) is performed as part of financial DD (due diligence).
About Owned assets, Understanding the asset value of a building is one of the major purposes of DD (due diligence).

In order to determine the appropriate acquisition price, we recommend DD inspection by Japan Inspectors Corporation.